Things To Keep In Mind While Booking A Skip Hire


If you have ever moved out of a place that you’ve lived in for a long time or if you have done major renovations to the place you live in, you would have encountered this problem. Almost always you’ll have to deal with a heap of waste that includes old fixtures, building materials, wood, metal, dried paint, drywall, concrete etc. Getting rid of this is not a problem that one has to deal with very often. This is when one needs to hire a skip. A skip is a container that can be connected to a lorry and taken away to a landfill or to a facility where the materials can be recycled.

Things to keep in mind

There are plenty of things to factor in while hiring a skip. It is helpful if it can be planned in advance.

One of the major factors in a skip hire ​is deciding what kind of skip is to be used. Skips are categorised according to their size. Estimating the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of is tricky. It is recommended that one should select a skip one size bigger than what they estimate. All materials should fit inside the skip and no part of it should protrude. Hiring a smaller skip and finding it insufficient may force one to hire a second skip.

The type of waste that can be put in a skip should be agreed upon with the service provider. If there are any materials that cannot be put in the skip, one should find alternate arrangements to deal with that situation. Electric waste and hazardous materials are generally not allowed to be put into a skip.

The skip should be positioned in a place that is close to the site where the materials are. It should also be in a place where there is enough space for a lorry to come in and take it away once it is filled.

If the skip has to be placed in a public place one should get a permit for it. Some service providers will get this done on your behalf.

One should be able to ascertain for how much time they will require to hire the skip for.

Hiring a skip is not essential. If the materials to be disposed of are not too much, you could take it yourself in your car to a landfill or to a recycler. It is not advisable to do the same if the quantity of these materials cannot easily fit in your car or if you’re not sure what to do with them. You can avoid the inconvenience of finding out what recyclers handle what materials and what needs to be taken to a landfill. You’re only required to load all the waste into the skip and the service provider will take care of the rest. Foregoing the option of hiring a skip would put you in a position where you will be required to take a lot of decisions that one is not best suited to handle.


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