Key data science tools to learn in 2020


The field of data science is huge and requires knowledge from a variety of sources. The task of a data science is to dig out vital information out of enormous data sets which are mostly heterogeneous in nature. And this is no easy task as each data science has to use sophisticated tools and techniques in order to solve complex and challenging problems every day!

However, data science is a lucrative career field and highly rewarding too. Branded as the ‘sexiest’ job role of the century, Data scientists earn the huge bucks and also are highly revered across industries all over the globe. In India too there is a massive demand for skilled data scientists and a data science training for young graduates is considered to be highly beneficial.

If you are an aspiring data science in India and wondering the tools that you should master for sure success, then here is a list of three most important tools/packages-

  • Python
  • R
  • Apache Hadoop and Spark

While the above mentioned three tools are very popular in the world of data science, there is one another software suite preferred by a large number of data professionals-SAS.

SAS is considered to be one of the most popular and in-demand software platforms in the field of data science and analytics today. The SAS Institute has modelled its legendary software suite for statistical analysis of data and has been in use by companies for a range of activities ranging from predictive analytics to advanced Business Intelligence to Big data management.

Although SAS is considered to be very costly and used only by well-established business institutions yet it has been preferred by professionals since long and despite of the entry of a number of able competitors in the market it still commands a great deal of market share.

Here are a few advantages of SAS:

  • SAS has a good Graphical User Interface with all the necessary tools at your fingertips. With easy drag and drop features you can use the tools for performing any analytics task in no time.
  • It is extremely easy to master and use. Get enrolled in a SAS training in Delhi or any other Indian city of your choice and in no time, you will master the tips and tricks of using SAS to your advantage!
  • Being a paid software suite, SAS offers a great data security and thus users never have to fear data loss or corruption.
  • SAS is being preferred by a huge number of data science and data analytics professionals simply because it helps them to save a lot of time. SAS allows users to carry on analytics with little or no programming and this saves analysts a lot of time.

The job scenario with SAS skills is great too as a number of leading organizations prefer recruiting data professionals who are proficient in SAS. Hence, even if you do not come from a coding background, a SAS training in Delhi can help you achieve your data science dream!


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