5 Things To Consider While Buying A Table Fan


If you are looking for a table fan owing to its portability, ease of installation, mobility, oscillations, and affordability, then it is essential to look for certain aspects before the purchase that suits your needs.

Some primary aspects to look for in a table fan are:

  • Quality of the material
  • Fan size
  • Oscillations and swing
  • Motor power
  • Noise control
  • Speed control
  • Dismountable grills
  • Price

Let’s look at these factors in detail to make the buying process easier and a worthy one:

The size of the fan-Appropriate fan size is essential. The size of the fan, if large, can give you a quieter oscillation for the airflow. This should be quieter when at low speed, particularly. It ought to be quieter as compared to a smaller table fan with higher speed, with the airflow of the same amount. Latest Table fans are available in variable sizes of 16, 20, and 12 diameters in inches. These are the popular ones as well.

Noise-Less noisy or minimal noise table fans are preferable; however, the noise, even if any, should not be unpleasant to its user. The noise levels should be ideal, also called ideal white noise. This is the level of noise generated that is pleasant for the home environment. A table fan of high speed and small in size is good. This will enable the airflow to be narrow enough to be spread out.

Material quality- Brass, plastic, and stainless steel materials are used in table fans. Depending on the material, there are advantages and also variant features. Say, for instance, plastic table fans may look like a cheap choice. However, they are considered more practical as compared to other choices. Brass or stainless steel is best for outdoor spaces. This is because they are a lot more powerful and operate better in outdoor spaces.

Dismountable grills- One should have a practical approach when purchasing a table fan. When table fans accumulate dust, cleaning them becomes essential. If there are accessible parts and practicality when cleaning, it allows easy and thorough cleaning of the table fan. Removable grill shall give accessibility to fan blades. This will help in keeping the fan clean and dirt free.

Oscillations- Turning side to side is the regular oscillation provided by any table fan. This is provided for air circulation in a wider area. Box fans have a front grill that rotates for air circulation. Considering oscillations at different angles in a table fan is essential to get optimum air circulation and cooling for spacious rooms and in a room with lots of people.

Motor power- An advanced motor offers noise-free, maximum airflow, and smooth operation of a table fan.

Efficiency– Energy-efficient table fans will save you little bucks on your energy bills.

Though warm weather makes you concentrate on a basic table fan to keep the air circulating in your room or space, particularly when purchasing an air conditioning or an air cooler is out of budget, it is essential to find the right kind and specific featured table fan.


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