Eating food in train


People can enjoy their time in the train as they can view the beautiful nature around them. They also enjoy chatting, singing or playing some indoor games. They even enjoy eating food in the train than at home. The food that is eaten during the journey should be wholesome. Many people fall ill because they eat stale food prepared by the station vendors. The railway junctions in India are not well-maintained. The cooks are not provided with better facilities to cook. The place is often unhygienic and the vegetables are not always fresh. Most of them use unrefined oil that is not conducive to health. So, they should order healthy food in train.  They can buy food from the famous restaurants that are associated with the train authorities.

How to get food from the vendors

Some of the popular food vendors in India supply food to the passengers in the train. The food that they supply is fresh and wholesome. So, the passengers do not fall ill after eating this food, but they can enjoy their treat in the train. Anybody can order food online before the date of travel. The passengers should enter some of their personal and the details of the train. So, the vendors supply food to them during the journey during the specified hours.

The people should first reserve the train and should record the details of the train. The seats should be booked in advance. They should read the schedule of each train and the name of the train. So, they should be confirmed that on a particular date and time, they would travel by the particular train. Then, they should be well-aware about their time of lunch and dinner in the train. Some of them even eat breakfast in the train. So, the food vendors prepare lunch or dinner during the specified hours and deliver it to them in the train.

Why restaurateurs are greatly in demand?

So, the food vendors are greatly in demand today as they supply food to several passengers in a day. Many people travel for more than a day in the train and hence they require food for one day. They do not want to buy food from the station vendors who cannot supply fresh food to them. So, they require fresh food, prepared from fresh vegetables, dairy products, and other ingredients. If they eat wholesome food during the journey, then they remain healthy and active.

Today, India more than 250 train junctions are established and nearly 4000 trains are manufactured. So, the food vendors can supply food to the vendors. So, they should enter the following details to secure food at the right time.

 The passengers should enter the PNR number.

Then, from the drop down menu, they should select the name of the station.

Then, they should choose food from various options and should add the items in the basket.

The passengers should make payment online by doing the transactions as desired.

They can choose variety of food they want to eat. India is a land of diversity and different people from different regions eat different. All types of breakfast, lunch and dinner is available to them. So, the person should order food in train that is wholesome.


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