Klondike Solitaire Strategy Tips

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If you love to play card games then solitaire might be one of your favorite games. Solitaire is an extremely widespread card game that is played all over the world. 

Solitaire offers its players a variety of types which include Klondike, Freecell, Pyramid, Spider, and much more. Every type of this card game is very fulfilling and interesting so I will recommend you to play every type atleast once in your lifetime. 

There are different strategies, tips, and tricks for every solitaire type that will help you in winning the game perfectly. In this article, we are going to discuss all the strategies and tips of klondike solitaire which will help you in winning the game perfectly. 

So without any further chitchat let’s get started with our first strategy which is, 

Learn the rules:

Whether it’s Klondike solitaire or any other type of solitaire learning the rules of gameplay is extremely important. We all need to properly learn and understand all the rules that are going to be used in further gameplay. Learning the rules is not enough at all, you need to practice all those rules properly. Arranging the cards in ascending order starting from ace and ending at the king in alternate color order is the basic rule of this game. There are lots of videos, tutorials, and blog online that teaches you the basic rules of the solitaire card game so you can learn from there also. 

Expose Larger Stacks First:

The larger stacks should be exposed first, especially at the start of the game, so that you may win. Many new players ignore this strategy. The stacks that are larger are your enemies so it’s better to expose them as soon as possible. Once you expose all the larger stacks then it will help in revealing more cards that are helpful. It is important to keep in mind that if the stockpile runs out, only the remaining cards in the decks can be dealt with. 

Don’t Empty a Spot Without a King:

Never leave the space or spot if you dont have a king card. If you dont have a king card and you leave the space empty then you will end up losing the game. The game will become unsolvable for you because you can only place the king card in the empty spot. Solitaire players usually make the mistake of emptying their piles or tableau spots only to remove their cards.

Keep Color In Mind:

You need to be very careful while selecting your king card because the queen and jack card color determines the king card color. You should place a red king on the red line and a black king on the black line if you are using a red king. You can do it on your tableau by imagining your cards piled up in your mind. Stacking your cards without carefully examining them will lead to a snag.

Play the Ace or Two:

Once you receive Ace or Two from the stockpile, be sure to place them quickly in the right place. You might want to avoid drawing more cards from the stockpile and put the Ace and Two where they belong in this game.

Turn Up the First Deck Card First:

The best move you can make at the very start of the game is by flipping the first card of the deck. This strategy is also very helpful in creating more foundations or piles. Always use this strategy as it provides you with lots of options and options in solitaire are always wonderful. 

Wrapping It All Up!

So these are some of the best strategies that you can use for winning the klondike solitaire. These strategies are tried and tested so you can trust them with even close eyes. Always remember that you can’t win the game every time you play so dont think about the win every time sometimes you lose also.